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Ring-tailed Lemurs…a character maybe?

Ring-tailed Lemurs...a character maybe?

I caught this guy looking at me at the zoo. He wasn’t afraid at all and looked right at me, even taking a leap to catch a floating butterfly.

I think I will create a character that includes some of their best qualities: child-like curiosity, their amazing agility, their rapid fire pops of energy and their fearlessness.


The Art of Being Terrified

I’m terrified.

I don’t think people say this enough. It’s not a very productive or desirable state of mind is it? It has certain connotations associated with it.

Running away. Being scared. Crying and sobbing uncontrollably. Holding your breath until that little shiver deep in your stomach goes away.

Being terrified of something can happen for a lot of reasons. Maybe because you’re trying something new and you’re not sure how it’ll turn out. Or maybe you’ve done it already — and you think it’s rubbish. A TOTAL waste of time and effort.

But there’s something about working in the film business and the arts that has always troubled me. It’s mastering the art of being terrified. And I’ve found one intricate link:

The more terrified you are of doing something, the more successful and incredible the experience will become.

You’re not growing if you are not travelling out of your comfort zone. Comfort zones hamper success.

Comfort zones wall you in. Comfort zones are that part your mind that says: “We’re ok here because we’re not going backward and we’re not going forward.”

Be terrified.

What do I mean? Challenge yourself, in whatever endeavors you undertake, to find a piece of yourself that is absolutely terrified.


Why? Because that’s the side of you that is going to grow. That’s the side of you that’s waiting to be developed, harnessed and pushed to greater success.

Being terrified isn’t a bad state of mind. It’s the side of your mind you’re going to have to train – because it’s stopping you from where you need to be.

The brain is a funny thing. It wants to be comfortable. It wants to take a break. It wants to slack. It doesn’t want to be afraid or challenged.

But as soon as you tell yourself your fear will be your motivation; things will start to change.

I’m pretty much terrified of a lot of things I’m doing at the moment. I’m producing one project with little or no experience. I’m running on my own steam. My own passion for the material. I’m educating myself.

And for a writer/creative producer or anyone in the arts, that’s the best place you can be. Be terrified. You’ll be glad you were.