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This is Er? (Created in 2004)

This is Er? (Created in 2004)

This is Er from a comic I created in 2004.

Er likes cigarettes (he smoked his first ciggy when he was 6 months old), he likes ‘Carlsborg’ beer, he has a mop-like dog called ‘Dog’, and has an invincible arm. He can’t move it. Sadly.

Time to channel myself from 10 years ago and continue it! Oh and where the hell did 10 years go…


Once Kane got a pen

Once Kane got a pen

One of the most amazing things my mother encouraged was drawing and writing. Even if it was on the wall. She would always say that we could clean it off. It wasn’t a big deal. She was much more interested in what I created. This was in my old home in Battersea, London.

Of course, if I overdid it, I would eventually end up like this.

baby kane2


Are there any cool lessons/quirks that made an impact from your parents ? I’d love to hear them!!

Keep writing,


Man vs Dodo-Bear – Old Cartoon Pitch

Thought I’d post these up.

It’s an old idea I once pitched for a Nickelodeon competition. I didn’t win, but it was a great experience developing the bible, artwork and pilot script. I still hope to get it made in the future. It was inspired by my love for the Dodo and quantum physics!



Mr. Dodo




The Hunter


A Slim(e)y Story??? (with an e)

Created by Kane Wheatley-Holder

Today I was hit with the sudden thought of telling a story about globules of slime. Don’t ask me why. I just thought it would be interesting. How many emotions can be portrayed by just using slime?? The thought of giving something disgusting emotions…does intrigue me though….hmmm. And what would it be about?

Thought of three characters off the bat. A fateful green hero, a jealous looking red character and the love interest in blue.

I’m Drawing Dinosaurs…again (pt2) – Rufus

I’ll be getting a tablet soon to transfer these to my computer. In the meantime, this is Rufus – coloured. Love using highlighters.

Rufus (created by Kane Wheatley-Holder)

Developing the Characters: Lola the Stego



Prepare for a new post soon regarding my new project. It’s shaping up nicely. It’s fun, it’s personal and it’s very very me. But for now…

This is Lola. She’s a Stegosaurus. She has a problem (can anyone guess it?)

Will be working more on developing the other characters too. I haven’t used my sketchbook this much in years!