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My first website – kanewholder.com!!!!

So I finally upgraded from a WordPress blog to an actual website! My full name was just long!

It’s now kanewholder.com. Not amazingly creative I know. But it sums up who I am…probably because it’s my name. Moving on….

So when you first purchased your first website, what did you do?

I’m thinking this is a solid step to becoming a “professional writer” (whatever that means).

I currently working as a writer for a production company in Singapore. I’m also working on a children’s novel in my spare time.

This is also a part of that journey.

Writing is deeply personal to me, and I anticipate that my posts will also become more and more personal as we go along.

I will also draw more Dodo bird pictures as it gets the most traffic on my blog! Extinct animals must be my thing.

I still have a long way to go. A lot to learn. I’m happy I’ve taken a few steps already.

If you haven’t…what are you waiting for!

Get to work! 🙂