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Ring-tailed Lemurs…a character maybe?

Ring-tailed Lemurs...a character maybe?

I caught this guy looking at me at the zoo. He wasn’t afraid at all and looked right at me, even taking a leap to catch a floating butterfly.

I think I will create a character that includes some of their best qualities: child-like curiosity, their amazing agility, their rapid fire pops of energy and their fearlessness.


If his backside could tell you stories….

If his backside could tell you stories....

…it would tell you a lot of stories.

A Dodo Bird – Let us remember them

One day I shall write an epic tale about a Dodo Bird that rises from the ashes.

By the way, I DO REQUESTS for little drawings of different animals, birds, reptiles, dinosaurs and fantastical beast alike.

If you need a hand drawn picture for a presentation or project, do let me know. Depending on the size and complexity, we can work out something that is mutually beneficial. Just contact me at kaneholder@gmail.com with the details!

*Please let me know if you’d like to use this image for anything. I would greatly appreciate it.*