About Kane


Ever since watching Jurassic Park at the tender age of seven, Kane has always thought he could do a better job than that Hammond guy. He vowed to create a real-life dinosaur park that would not disappoint. As he grew older, he soon realised that the field of paleontology would take decades of study and sacrifice. He preferred writing anyway.

Kane grew up in Croydon, England and migrated with his family to Singapore when he was fifteen. He soon pursued a Diploma in Film, Sound and Video. Wanting to have a firm foundation in the business, marketing and development aspects of film and media, he continued on to Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film & Media to attain his Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Producing. His mother told him his Valedictorian speech was, “Nice. Now let’s go eat.”

Kane has worked as freelance writer, producer and director for numerous production companies in Singapore. Whilst in University, he won the 2011/12 Cartoon Network Snaptoons’ competition in Singapore, becoming one of three finalists out of a pool of 40 entries from established animation companies and budding professionals. It was based on his unpublished science fiction novel. In 2013 he won 1st place (Local Prize) in the 21st Eye Level Literature Award for his short story about a glowing Tyrannosaurus Rex that has trouble performing a magic trick.

Kane is currently working as a scriptwriter for children’s television in Singapore.


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