Month: October 2016

Singapore Love Stories is out!


Singapore Love Stories is out now!

You can get your copy at:

It was such a surprise to see this in a bookstore and to have friends send me a picture of the cover.

Singapore Love Stories is an anthology comprising exciting stories by 17 Singaporean and Singapore-based writers such as Alice Clark-Platts, Audrey Chin, Clarissa N. Goenawan, Damyanti Biswas, Elaine Chiew, Heather Higgins, Jing-Jing Lee, Jon Gresham, Marion Kleinschmidt, Melanie Lee, Raelee Chapman, S. Mickey Lin, Shola Olowu-Asante, Vanessa Deza Hangad, Wan Phing Lim and edited by Verena Tay (as well as including a story of her own).

Simply put: the contributing writers are artists I look up to, and they’ve spun some sublime tales of love, loss, revenge and happenstance.

As for me, my story has gone through numerous drafts and revisions. I still remember when it came to me as I was walking back from work, and I was thinking about eating chicken rice (hint hint).

I’m still working and mastering my craft, but to have it inside a (real) book is a blessing.

Many thanks to Raelee Chapman for contacting me and Verena Tay for her exquisite editor’s eye. It was my first real time working with a group of writers and an editor. I learnt so much from everyone, and the experience was more than rewarding.

The official launch is during the Singapore Writer’s festival on Nov 12, the Arts House, Galley 2.

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