Month: October 2013

Ring-tailed Lemurs…a character maybe?

Ring-tailed Lemurs...a character maybe?

I caught this guy looking at me at the zoo. He wasn’t afraid at all and looked right at me, even taking a leap to catch a floating butterfly.

I think I will create a character that includes some of their best qualities: child-like curiosity, their amazing agility, their rapid fire pops of energy and their fearlessness.


If his backside could tell you stories….

If his backside could tell you stories....

…it would tell you a lot of stories.

Man vs Dodo-Bear – Old Cartoon Pitch

Thought I’d post these up.

It’s an old idea I once pitched for a Nickelodeon competition. I didn’t win, but it was a great experience developing the bible, artwork and pilot script. I still hope to get it made in the future. It was inspired by my love for the Dodo and quantum physics!



Mr. Dodo




The Hunter


My first website –!!!!

So I finally upgraded from a WordPress blog to an actual website! My full name was just long!

It’s now Not amazingly creative I know. But it sums up who I am…probably because it’s my name. Moving on….

So when you first purchased your first website, what did you do?

I’m thinking this is a solid step to becoming a “professional writer” (whatever that means).

I currently working as a writer for a production company in Singapore. I’m also working on a children’s novel in my spare time.

This is also a part of that journey.

Writing is deeply personal to me, and I anticipate that my posts will also become more and more personal as we go along.

I will also draw more Dodo bird pictures as it gets the most traffic on my blog! Extinct animals must be my thing.

I still have a long way to go. A lot to learn. I’m happy I’ve taken a few steps already.

If you haven’t…what are you waiting for!

Get to work! 🙂