Starting and Finishing Things

Recently, I’ve been searching frantically for a new story idea for a novel. I’m terribly fickle when it comes to writing, and I’ve started and stopped plenty of ideas over the past few years (it’s my fatal flaw!). I gradually lost enthusiasm for all of them. However, I found something this morning in the depths of my room! 

A story I started on Dec 24th 2002 (that’s 12 years ago!). Five pages, typed and handwritten with ink, accompanied with drawings of the characters. I read it again. It’s bad; too much telling, jokes that make little narrative sense, grammar, spelling mistakes – but it’s filled with more passionate enthusiasm, creativity and wishful thinking than I could ever muster now. It made me rather embarrassed that I’m not like my 14 year old self again.

I like to think everything happens for a reason. I think it’s time to start and finish this story. Here’s to the past catching up with you and telling you to wake up and do something!Image


2 thoughts on “Starting and Finishing Things

  1. That’s great that you found some inspiration from a story you wrote when you were 14! I have a few stories from my younger days I might try again, but right now I feel like they pale in comparison to the story ideas I have now simply because I have more life experience (and life in me in general) than I did when I was younger. I also have more perspective, so I may or may never get back to those story ideas. But it doesn’t matter because I’m in love with my current ones.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yes – that’s true! Although technically and perspective wise we have grown, there’s still something to be admired when looking back at your past self. The enthusiasm, the drive – don’t forget it. I’ve personally been so wrapped up in life, university and other things, that I’ve forgotten the most important thing of all: sometimes, in writing, it’s simply about CREATING. Let go of the fear of failure. Just create.

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