Time Travelling: My O’Level Art Piece…FOUND!

Time Travelling: My O'Level Art Piece...FOUND!

I went back to my old secondary school a few days back (expect a bigger post soon!).

Decided to get back in touch with some of the teachers and just experience secondary school again. I know that’s crazy. Many people want to forget. But it seems it was a good choice. I was in for more than one surprise.

After arriving I quickly met up with my old art teacher, the always enthusiastic Mr.Goh. He showed me my O’Level art piece that I painted back in 2005 hanging at one of the school staircases! He also proclaimed to his work mates that I was “his best student!”

I haven’t seen this in 7 years! I immediately had flashbacks of all the hard work I had put into this. It was the first canvas painting I have ever done on this scale.

Inspired by Salvador Dali, I wanted to create a fantasy piece merging technology and human beings. Really I was just speaking about my feelings about it and the nature of identity. It was entitled ‘The Face Factory’. Eventually, I achieved an A for this which I am, to this day, happy about!

Disregarding the grade, painting this was one of the best times of my life.


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