Lore: The Perpetually Angry Cup of Tea


Hi all! Haven’t posted something in a while (I’ve been swamped working and locking down some elements for a few projects of mine). However — I did have a thunderbolt today for a comedy series. It involves my most favourite drink in all the world- the wonders of a cup of tea! I usually drink tea to relax. I thought I’d turn that on its head.

His name is Lore – a genetically engineered cup of tea that was just at the wrong place at the wrong time (probably something to do with the aftermath of an irresponsible time traveller).

Struggling to control his outburst of rage, Lore goes on a soul searching mission to discover his true destiny, meeting an assortment of snacks and conflicted beverages along the way.

It will be crude. I don’t see how it could NOT be. I’m currently developing 3-4 concepts at the moment for animation films, television projects and short films — I don’t know whether this will be one of them. I did have a blast drawing him though and touching up on my photoshop skills.

Drop me a message if you think it sounds intriguing! Maybe I’ll design some more depressed snacks, cursed drinks and socially deviant food stuffs for Lore to dismember. 🙂


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