Robots, Witches, Monsters…and Dinosaurs — all in a days work!


Firstly, I really want to thank everyone that has visited, commented or subscribed to me over the last month! I started this blog back in April without a real goal in mind. I just wanted to share my life and work. Now I can see it is slowly growing and people have liked and shared my work with others. Thank you! It means a lot to me as a young creative producer! And don’t worry — I’ll be sharing and reading your content and blogs as well…which are simply fantastic!

The last few weeks have been insane! A part from developing  a cartoon series (more on that soooon!), I have also been working on my first ebook and animated brand ‘Dinosaurs…with Problems’. It has been great experience so far, and I am now moving into developing it into a solid pitching bible.

For those of you that want to know — a ‘pitching bible’ of an animated series, is a resource detailing the shows world, characters, technologies, artwork, and episodic breakdowns. It is basically a selling tool — to convey to companies, studios and other producers the gist of your show and how it can be sold.

I’ll be slowly documenting this process online, mainly because I am having so much fun doing it. Dinosaurs! Witches! Monsters! Robots! Yep — they are all in there! Of course, I’ll have to keep some things under wraps, for example, the intricacies of the plot and characters. I do however intend to start to set-up a social media presence – through facebook, twitter, tumblr and a website soon, so people can follow the development and also get involved.

I hope it to be a very interactive process. I want to know what you think — what you find interesting? Is there something you feel I should work on? Build upon? So please do comment, subscribe and tweet to me your thoughts! I’d love to hear them! So here’s a question:

What do you think makes a successful animated show/ brand or character? What are your favourites?

And for starters, here’s a concept drawing of the hero of ‘Dinosaurs…with Problems’ — Rock!!! He’s the only eight year old that can tell a T-Rex what to do!


Catcha soon!


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