I’m Drawing Dinosaurs…again (pt2) – Rufus

I’ll be getting a tablet soon to transfer these to my computer. In the meantime, this is Rufus – coloured. Love using highlighters.

Rufus (created by Kane Wheatley-Holder)

3 thoughts on “I’m Drawing Dinosaurs…again (pt2) – Rufus

    1. I basically just use a Bamboo Pen and Touch to draw, and use Photoshop to develop it. Then I play around with the colours and pen/brush types for the shadows and other details. I’m not a perfect sketcher or figure drawer — I consider my style unrefined but unique! Hahha.

      1. I see! Your style is unique, it’s like a child’s drawing, and that my friend is the toughest thing to do according to Picasso! “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” So thumbs up! 😀

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