Month: September 2012

Lore: The Perpetually Angry Cup of Tea


Hi all! Haven’t posted something in a while (I’ve been swamped working and locking down some elements for a few projects of mine). However — I did have a thunderbolt today for a comedy series. It involves my most favourite drink in all the world- the wonders of a cup of tea! I usually drink tea to relax. I thought I’d turn that on its head.

His name is Lore – a genetically engineered cup of tea that was just at the wrong place at the wrong time (probably something to do with the aftermath of an irresponsible time traveller).

Struggling to control his outburst of rage, Lore goes on a soul searching mission to discover his true destiny, meeting an assortment of snacks and conflicted beverages along the way.

It will be crude. I don’t see how it could NOT be. I’m currently developing 3-4 concepts at the moment for animation films, television projects and short films — I don’t know whether this will be one of them. I did have a blast drawing him though and touching up on my photoshop skills.

Drop me a message if you think it sounds intriguing! Maybe I’ll design some more depressed snacks, cursed drinks and socially deviant food stuffs for Lore to dismember. 🙂

A Slim(e)y Story??? (with an e)

Created by Kane Wheatley-Holder

Today I was hit with the sudden thought of telling a story about globules of slime. Don’t ask me why. I just thought it would be interesting. How many emotions can be portrayed by just using slime?? The thought of giving something disgusting emotions…does intrigue me though….hmmm. And what would it be about?

Thought of three characters off the bat. A fateful green hero, a jealous looking red character and the love interest in blue.

Robots, Witches, Monsters…and Dinosaurs — all in a days work!


Firstly, I really want to thank everyone that has visited, commented or subscribed to me over the last month! I started this blog back in April without a real goal in mind. I just wanted to share my life and work. Now I can see it is slowly growing and people have liked and shared my work with others. Thank you! It means a lot to me as a young creative producer! And don’t worry — I’ll be sharing and reading your content and blogs as well…which are simply fantastic!

The last few weeks have been insane! A part from developing  a cartoon series (more on that soooon!), I have also been working on my first ebook and animated brand ‘Dinosaurs…with Problems’. It has been great experience so far, and I am now moving into developing it into a solid pitching bible.

For those of you that want to know — a ‘pitching bible’ of an animated series, is a resource detailing the shows world, characters, technologies, artwork, and episodic breakdowns. It is basically a selling tool — to convey to companies, studios and other producers the gist of your show and how it can be sold.

I’ll be slowly documenting this process online, mainly because I am having so much fun doing it. Dinosaurs! Witches! Monsters! Robots! Yep — they are all in there! Of course, I’ll have to keep some things under wraps, for example, the intricacies of the plot and characters. I do however intend to start to set-up a social media presence – through facebook, twitter, tumblr and a website soon, so people can follow the development and also get involved.

I hope it to be a very interactive process. I want to know what you think — what you find interesting? Is there something you feel I should work on? Build upon? So please do comment, subscribe and tweet to me your thoughts! I’d love to hear them! So here’s a question:

What do you think makes a successful animated show/ brand or character? What are your favourites?

And for starters, here’s a concept drawing of the hero of ‘Dinosaurs…with Problems’ — Rock!!! He’s the only eight year old that can tell a T-Rex what to do!


Catcha soon!

Two Dinos at the End of Time

By Kane Wheatley-Holder

What I like to think happened.

Rock and Lola – the flying stegosaurus

Rock and Lola - the flying stegosaurus

Dinosaurs…with Problems is really getting underway. As the days go by, I get more and more ideas. Thanks for the likes and follows!! This is my most recent imagining — Rock, the main character, and Lola soaring through the skies.

The question is…to where?