How to Work Well with Others (And Make Everyone Happy)

As a writer, producer and budding entrepreneur it’s sometimes important to think about people. During the course of our lives, we’ll have to work with a whole host of people – whether in school, personally or during our careers.

That’s a fact.

Some people we will like. Others will be mere acquaintances (and we won’t like!). However the concept that lies beneath both of these facts – is that we MUST work with others at some point in our lives.

We simply cannot do everything ourselves.

If you want to achieve a goal (whether big or small) and feel passionately about it – then roping in the help of others is imperative.

But how do you strike a balance between your work goals and personal ones? How do you get the best out of that relationship, without ruining the work part?

What’s the secret to achieving your dreams…with others…and maybe even contributing to theirs?

1. People are NOT obliged to keep working with you: Every relationship is different. Every project or endeavor is too. But the important thing to note is: these are people you are working with — not robots.

They may have other things going on in their lives, have separate goals and dreams for themselves.

If it’s a personal dream/project of yours, and if they choose to help you out, it is your duty to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Think about it when you think about the project. They WILL appreciate it.

It’s not always about the end goal. It’s about the journey too.

Always remember that the people you work with (or have asked to help YOU) DO NOT have to be here. It doesn’t matter if you’ve known them for 2 days or 20 years. They are doing it out of a need to help you and they’re contributing to your dreams.

Respect that.

2. Listen – Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone sometimes has an idea or dream that gets too out of hand.

Listen to the people you are working with.

They are not trying to make your life more difficult. If there’s something they feel is wrong or strange about your work – then it is very likely others will feel the same too.

Feel free to push your ideas, but never forget that you should listen to their point of view. Acknowledge that you do. Then make a decision.

The goal is to make the work better through collaboration – not to use people like a sock.

3. Acknowledge their contributions: A pat on the back (maybe not literally). A thank you (spoken). A paid for coffee after it’s all said and done.

These will make others feel like they have not been used. Thank others for their contributions whether they’re big or small. Suck it up. Don’t feel just because they contributed a little that it didn’t mean anything to them.

The fact they tried to help you achieve your dreams means something. They put aside their dreams for an hour, a minute, a day — to help you.

Thank them for it.


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