I Am A Writer: My Core Beliefs

I read this fantastical article the other day over at Jeff Goin’s blog (courtesy of Ben Reed). It focused on the idea of writing with conviction.


We all want to achieve that. We want to know our words and actions have power. That they have meaning. That they are changing peoples lives.

I am a writer. I believe that. It’s my truth.

I don’t think it’s the idea of fame, fortune or status that drives me. It’s knowing that being a writer is a part of me.

That in some strange, corny and totally predestined way – it is me.

It has taken be 25 years to build up enough courage to say it.

I think I have only really been proclaiming it for a less than a year. Why? Well, it’s scary to proclaim you are something without any real achievements to back it up.

For writers though it’s not about achievements. As Jeff Goins often cites from his experiences, “You are a writer when you say you are.”

Full steam ahead.

Writing is something I’ve always been doing. Something I find true joy in.

But I know that it is not enough. You can’t be a good writer or good at anything, just saying you are. Passion has to be followed by actions.

You have to be committed. You have to say it, proclaim it and believe it.

Say it in your day to day activities, your conversations and your emails even (signatures make a difference). Your work, play and free time. It has to be who you are everyday.

So how do you do this? Action.

Derived from beliefs. Core beliefs.

During my army days, I decided to read a lot of diverse biographies for my own personal growth.

From Bruce Lee, George Lucas, Eminem (yes I idolize rappers which will be the subject of my next post!) to Tiger Woods and Muhammad Ali.

I decided to embark on a quest. To find the secret of their success.

What did I discover?

Happiness and eventually success, comes from synchronizing passion, career and beliefs. It’s that simple. Many people lose sight of this.

I believe it because I’ve seen positive improvements to my life by doing just that (some I’ll touch on in future posts).

The closer your career is to your key beliefs as a person, the happier you’ll be and the more successful at it. You’ll “blow up” – maximizing your potential.

I’m only really starting to see the real effect of this statement. I’ve only recently been consciously stating it and reaffirming it in my mind.

But what I have learned, is that the sooner you come to believing what you are going to be, the sooner it’ll work.

My Top 3 Core Beliefs:

1. That you can, no matter who you are or where you come from, become anything you want to be. Dreams can come true. It starts in the mind first.

2. Magic exists. It takes different forms over the course of your life (fate, destiny) but it’s there.

3. That everything happens for a reason.

These are mine. Of course I have many more, but these are the ones I’m actively “working with” everyday.

Right now, it’s time to get on with it. To pursue this with conviction. Wholeheartedly.

So what are your core beliefs?


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