Time Travelling

I recently happened across a quote. I’m not sure who said it or wrote it. It said that if you write 15 minutes everyday – it will change your life.

I want to test that theory.

I think that person is right. Up until now, I’ve been taking writing seriously, but not as seriously as I think I should.

There are certain turning points in your life – moments where you begin to truly think about the future direction of your endeavors. This blog I think is one of them. I don’t think I am especially funny, talented or amazing.

However I do realise the importance of hard work. Hard work is something else entirely. This isn’t me being hardworking. It’s about time travelling.

My earliest memory of what I wanted to do was writing a story called ‘BUGS’. It was a short script about scientists who accidentally increase the size of an array of insects ten fold – creating huge man eating monsters. I must have been eight with no knowledge of what a real script looked like. It was a shameless Jurassic Park rip off.

I was convinced I could make it, even though there were scenes where stag beetles turned over cars.

I also didn’t have access to any sort of camera. I was still convinced it could happen. I would just use my friends’ cameras and a car of one of their fathers.

Looking back at it now, I think it was the simple act of penning that story to paper that I was so obsessed about. It was a little world on a page. Profound.

Later I decided to write a ‘Dungeons and Dragons/Fighting Fantasy’ book. One of those stories where you could roll a dice and make decisions on each page. It again was a shameless rip off of every Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone book out there.

It was called ‘Adventure Quest’ and was about a knight that had to combat a trio of villians: the Kings of Zombies, Werewolves and Vampires that one day decided to make a pact to destroy the world together. It was actually pretty cool and I loved the idea of creating multiple plot lines, characters and gruesome deaths for my protagonist.

It was a world on a page and I was Zeus.

I’m twenty five now. The reason for this blog is to simply write. Write anything. Blog about anything. To write for 15 minutes everyday if I can.You might think that the two stories detailed here were probably the worst things I’ve written.

On the contrary, they were, quite possibly, the best moments of my life.

I’m going time travelling. Back to those days. To the days where I found true joy in the act of creating. I’ll try and make it entertaining – but this is really for myself. That’s what writing is about I’ve realised. Writing for yourself first. Money, fame, publicity — that all comes later.

Writing is joy.


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